Friday, July 30, 2010

sicily, 7-29-10

Shopping & swimming
we went to the market and got a picnic. We got some sandwiches, and drinks. We got a potato and tomato-onion and calzone, and water and a perchuto, smoked mozzarela, sun dried tomato, basil and oil. Yum. Me and my dad did a actor interview on the walk to go swimming. Once we walked there, we ate our lunch and went swimming. There was this one rock were i jumped off of and this man james, from England, taught me how to dive! Theswimming was OUT OF THIS WORLD FUN!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sicily, 7-28-10

Today, I woke up and begin to write this. Then me and my brother and my dad my breakfast of cereal and yogurt. We get dressed, and my brother and I start to wash up. We brush our teeth, wash our face, brush our hair, and get dressed. When everyone is ready, my mom says "let's go!" and we are off. We go to a roman and Greek theater and there is a little fountain were it feels so good to be near water when it is burning hot outside. Then we go to the arcialogical museum. I see vases, tools from people who came a long time ago. There is a outdoor garden were me and my mom play games. In the museum I saw in a glass case these laddies who were dressed in togas, that were found and put back together. There is a term called, Repetition And Differince, were something repeats it's self but not exactly in the same way, such as these sculpted mini laddies! We go back to our apartment and take a rest. I slept a tiny bit, and then me and my mom had fun on the computer, and she was pretending to act like a teenager! It was hilarious! Then I put on a skirt and we all went out to dinner, and has splendid and delicious meal! After the meal, we went to this place near the water and talked. it was 12:00 at night!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I miss and remember a lot of home. I miss my friends, my house, and the things we usally do in the summer. Me and my friend talk by email, but still. I know i will be home soon! The vacation is wonderful, but I am sure you know what I mean.

Sicily, 7-27-10

Today, it was our first full day in serucuza, sicily. In the morning, i had an egg with a tomato and a piece of lox under. Yum. My brother had one too and said it was phenomanale! We sat around a bit before we went anywhere. Roman and I looked through our backpacks to see the treasures we had collected. Then we got dressed, and skipped down the stairs of our apartment. The door is a giant one but then they cut out a really tiny door that you have to use. My dad usually bangs his head because its to short for him. The we went to the outdoor market. Everybody was so nice! This one man gave us a plate of perchuto and bread and pistachio cheese and two cups of whine! yummy, the perchuto and the bread and cheese was! We walked around and then me and my dad swam in a rocky place. Later that day, We went to a puppet show! It was about Orlando furioso! It was in italian but we could understand by the puppets. After the puppet show, we went to this place for dessert, and a man let us taste thistart with ricotta cheese which was DE-LICIOUS!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mud-donkey Sicily, 7-25-10

As we wake up, we remember that today is the day to milk the donkeys! We wake up, have breakfast, then go outside to start milking. I really like the milking. What you do is pull the female donkeys teats, wearing gloves, holding the bucket, and squeeze! The donkey doesn't have much milk, so there is not to much. We go into the kitchen, and heat the milk and finnaly, filter it then drink it. It was very sweet, and i did not prefer the taste. Then, we get in our car, and go to the moon! The moon are theese mini craters and mini mini mini volcanoes. The tiny bubbles erupt, and there is a pattern of half circle half square shapes, from the lava from the crater. There is a rope around the pattern. The little shapes, some are wet clay and some are dry. I make some pretend food out of the clay, and my hands get all muddy. On the shorts i am wearing (my brothers size 4 boxers) i get some clay. I got to keep some minerals. Later that day, we went to this amusment place and me and my brother went on a super trampoline bounce. You can run and jump on super bouncy trampolines, and you jump SO high! I felt like i was in a circus doing tricks! For dinner we went to the best restaraunt called Sapore de' mare and we ate some fish. The fish was very salty and we had to pick the bones out but it was still so exellent! The salty taste made my mouth tingle and feel good!

Temple, Sicily, 7-24-20

Today, we went to THE VALLEY OF THE TEMPLES! I have some information about the temples.

1st temple, temple of hera

This temple was the temple of hera, in greek also known as juno. There was a alter in the temple, and a alter is for putting sacred things into to make giving’s to the god that the temple is for. When the greeks caught an animal to sacrifice, they would only catch an animal that is healthy, bony, but meaty. Once they were caught, lets say they caught a boar, they would cut off the hair on the neck and a piece of the meat, and through it into the alter.

Then we went to the Concordia temple, and there was a modern art show INSIDE the temple, so we got to go inside. It was really amazing because we got to go inside the most put together temple! You felt like you were going back in time and you were ruler!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Moving on vacation!

Today we moved! We are still in sicily, but on to another place. In the morning, we said goodbye to our friends that we made at casa migliaca, packed up the car, and started our long drive. We stopped at this market, and got some fizzy drinks for the ride.

Roman the fizzy drink spiller
Roman is my brother. On the ride, roman kept spilling the fizzy drink! He got it on my seet, and for the rest of the ride, I had to sit on a plastic back.

On with the day. After, i asked my dad tell my a story. After the story, my and my brother played onion for the rest of the ride.

The game ONION!
The game onion that we made up...
In the car, there is this little pulley thing were on one side there is a pulley thing and on the other side there is another pulley thing, and it looks like an onion. The point is to try to pull the onion from the other person and if the other person has it you have to distract them to get it back!

Elegent restaurant.
Whe we were almost at a place, we went to this realley quality food restaurant. We got special food that was served so nicely.

mosaic tiling
Before we got there, we went to a place called piazza armirina, which was a mosaic tiled place. We saw the famouse one, ther bikini ladies. The bikini ladiesw were tiled on the floor, and were playing sports!

when we got there, we jumped in the pool like 50 times! Roman and I did so many jumps! We did can opener, canninbal, pencil dive, dive, jump, and belly flop!

it was a nice, calm day.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More pictures!

Sicily, 7-19-10

hey-lo! Today, our aim was to go to super tall, super cold, nature made, snow topped mount etna, the most active volcano in Europe! We wolk up at seven, which is early considiring we go to bed late and wake up late. We got in the car, and rode for 2 and a half hours! I sort of slept in the car. The first place was a gorge. When we arrived at the gorge, we asked the lady in the front about this place. She said the water was super duper extremely supremely cold, but we found out the truth. It was not so freezing! I mean, it certinley was cold, but NOT super duper extremely supremely cold! We dunked our boodies in, and then it felt sort of freezing! My brother ate a bag of chips there and inside was a prize, and it was a cute little creature, with a black outfit on. Then we got back in to the super hot 'n' humid car, and drove to a train station were we would take a train around super tall, super cold, nature made, snow topped mount etna! Me, my brother and my dad went and got some food, and my mom was saying come on come on because the train was about to come, and we superbly right on time made it! In the train ride, i slept because i was so tierd! A little later we went to this town called taormina and rode a finicular and went to tjis beach. At the beach, it was funner then fun and me and my brother met a italian girl named anna and we caught the waves together, and the water felt so goods like i had never touched water before!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Horseback riding in sicily, 7-17-10

Today we went horse back riding!
I got my own horse, my mom and brother shared one, and my dad got his own. We went up this road, then turned right to go to this pyramid, a modern art piece. It really felt so good to have the reigns of the horse, to be its master for an hour. For part of it, a man was leading my and doing the reigns himself, but then my mom asked if i could do it so i did!
Everyone was happy and it was really great!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

sicily, observations

Hello! Somethings i have observed...

Everyone believes in Jesus! They have the cross sign on there neck, in there car, in there house! Well, not everyone, but a lot of people.
There are a lot of temples, and they are richly decorated with sculptures, and paintings! I noticed that in Rome, to.
The colors of sicily are...

On the stown walls in temples and churches

Spikey green

In the symbol of sicily
In their festival wagon
On pizza, the mix of cheese and tomatoes starts to look like a light shade of red

The symbol of sicily
The symbol of sicily is a woman's face, with long blond hair, with three legs around her face. I have a little case which has the symbol of sicily on it, and i have seen it quite a few times so i know.

Sicily's festival wagon
I do not know much about it, i think i have seen it twice, (by the way, i saw replicas of it) but i know how it looks. A donkey is pulling a cart, and the donkey is covered with a little blanket of red and yellow feathers, and the cart is covered with feathers and sheets and other objects i cannot remember.

the bed and breakfasts that we have stayed in so far, are run by the family who owns the property.
This B&B grows most of there own food that we eat. Yesterday me and my brother went down to the garden, and found eggplant, squash, tomatoes, a pear tree, a blood orange tree, a lemon tree, basil, mint, other spices, and whine grapes growing in a shed!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Hi! we are at our new place in sicily. me, my brother, my mom, and my dad share a room. We didn't do much today. It the morning, i went to the b&b's breakfast, were i squezzed fresh OJ. We also ate some cookie biscits, which is called turkish salami. Then my brother, my mom and I went outside and played uno and old maid. Then roman and I listned to my ipod touch. After we went to a really delicious snack bar and i got a panini. We had the best drink in the world that had spritzer lemon juice, mint, orange and lemon and strawberry gelatto! It was they best!!! Then we went this beach, were we found this cave, and there was a seat and water splashed all over us. At dinner, i met this girl who is from Denmark, and we played uno together!

sicily, 7-13-10

Hi! Today, we wolk up early to go on a boat ride. The man who drove the boat was named agnasio, which is an Italian name. agnasio was the waiter from our dinner on the 11th, and its funny because during the day, he is a skipper and at night he is a waiter. We took off. As we took off, you could see the island behind you, and we moved fast. The first place we went swimming was in these caves. It was amazing! It was so great. We were swimming with pretty big fishes! When we got inside the cave, we found this orange plant. It was as soft as the softest object you could emagine. Then agnasio gave us some plums, that were really good! The second place we swam, me and my brother collected special rocks. The third place, we swam under an rock, and under was a beach. It was so special! You never see something like this some were else. We also saw sea tomatoes, that sea animals eat. It felt so good to swim all three times, because it was burning hot and the cool water felt so good. I am now running out of power, and I am going to go swimming in the pool!!!

sicily, 7-11-10

Hi! Today we went to Selninute. They are temples. The one we saw was dedicated to the god Hera. The Sicilians worshipped the Greek gods, as well as the Romans and the Greeks. The temple was pretty well kept together. When we went to the gift shop, we saw this book that had pictures of what the ruins looked like now, and what like they really looked like before. We were sitting on some stairs, and my mom and my brother wanted to go down, so I wanted a quicker way, and I was so stupid because I jumped. L When I jumped, I landed with my knees half scraping against this rock, and my leg bashed into the ground. My ankle was almost sprained, and I am kind of limping, but otherwise I am okay. I also got a huge scrape. For dinner, we had the best pizza and pasta! The bread was so tasty from the pizza, and the sauce on the pasta was so rich and yummy! And we had the best dessert. The desserts were lemon sorbet, almond parfet, and a special Sicilian Pannacota. The lemon sorbet was home made, and you could just taste the lemon in it. The almond parfet had a rich taste of home made ice cream, smothered with almonds and chocolate sauce.I did not like the panacota. We ate dinner in Castellamare del Golfo, which inn English means Castle on the sea of the golf.

sicily, 7-10-10

Hello! We are in Sicily!!! Our first day. During the night, I got these rashes and scratches, and I think I am ellergic to some thing. We went to a castle, called castellamarre venus. We went inside the castle, and we went to a room, which was like a small room on top of the castle, like castle rooms in fairy tales. If you looked down, it was amazing because the castle was so high up. In the room, there was a statue of this god venus. ON the drive up to the castle, there were really curvy roads, and we did these sharp hairpin turns. Then we went to a sea, and swam, and when I put on my googles, I saw the most amazing leaves, moving to the swift current, and these clamshell flowers. It was amazing. Then we went to dinner, and played games and tolled stories and ate!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Federico, Rome, 7-7-10

A couple days ago, we randomly ran into a friend of a friend named Federico. He is a very nice Italian man. We went out to dinner with him today. for dinner, we had some really yummy pizza. After, Federico took me and my dad to his car, and he kindly gave my one of his t-shirts that he designed! Federico is an artist, and also works at a museum which is called, Muessi In Comune which is in Italian. Federico is very special, and now he is our friend!

Rome, 7-7-10

Today,we did two different things. First, we went to an Italian museum. At the Italian muuseum, we all got audio guides, and this man, who was the great great great great great great nephiew of the man who owned the palace, was telling you about this palace.It was really special that a man who lived in this house could tell you about it. The walls in the palace were covered in velvet, and the floor was a rubbed off pattern of yellow and brown rectangles. What i mean by rubbed off is that the tiles were not as colorful as they used to be. The second thing we did was go to the Roman bath house. It was really hard to imagine that the Roman's took a bath here because there were not many ruins left.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This is me at our house in brooklyn. I just turned ten! I am going into fifth grade, and i have a little brother named roman who will be 5 on december 31. MY family and me rock! My two best friends are hannah lola and amber!!!

7-5-10, Rome

Hi! Today i went to the Sistine Chapel, and Saint Peters Basilica. I enjoyed Saint Peters Basilica. I have to admit i was not that interested, but it was a sight to see. There were many people praying, and many tourists. In the middle of the basilica, there is this large round, curved arch, and amazing columns. What i like about Rome is all the columns. there are some really outstanding ones. Anyway, we went to a mueseum {but i forgot what its called} and we walked through a hallway which was covered in maps. They were maps of Italy and Rome. It was pretty stunning how they were painted, the maps. The waves that were representing the water were blue for the wave and on the tip of the wave, a green line. My brother could barely last, he was whining, but we managed. At dinner, me and my brother made mixes and potions out of whine, salt, pepper, bread sticks, bread, water, ravioli, and tomatoes and salad. It was fun!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Observations, Rome

There are many little interesting things about Rome. To turn the water on in the sink, you have to push down on a peddle with your foot, which i think is really cool!!! The benefits of that is that you dont have to get your hands dirty! Also, they have these water fountains that are really cool because yo can fill up a waterbottle, drink, and make a fountain with your finger.
The food in Rome is SO good! Its simple, but tasty, and you will get full with a small plate of pasta because the taste is so rich!!
Come to Rome!

7-4-10, Rome

Happy fourtn of july!
In europe, they dont celabrate it. Today, we went to Tivili fountains. It is this fountain park right outside of Rome, in a town called Tivili. Me and my 4 and a half year old brother got wet in mainly every fountain! In this one fountain we put our legs in and splashed eachother. The water was really cold, but it was really refreshing because it was so hot outside. For breakfast, we had mozzarella and tomatto, baked potato. It was kind of our lunch too. At dinner, we had these yummy cookies which were like pound cake with chocolate chips! It was so good!

7-3-10, Rome

I might be writing on weird times, but know that there is a six hour time change and we are six ours ahead of you new yorkers. Anyway, here we go! That day, went to an amazing mueseum. Inside there were these sculptures by a sculpter named Bernini. He is amazing!! He realy can make things pop out from just a block of marble! My favorite sculpture of his is one were this god, Apollo, is chasing a nyph Daphne, but Daphne sends a prayer to her father, and her father changes her slowly into a tree. Daphne's toes start growing roots, her legs start turning into bark, and her hair starts growing leaves. It is amazing how Bernini does this, and it looks like its actually happening. That was an amazing part of the day. After the mueseum, we went to a restaurant called Essolo. We ordered two main meals, but the waiter gave us double the meal, so wee had to pay extra and we didnt evan order it! But, its ok. We had the most amazing Gnochi, which is pasta filled with meat and cheese. So, interesting day, right?!