Friday, July 23, 2010

Moving on vacation!

Today we moved! We are still in sicily, but on to another place. In the morning, we said goodbye to our friends that we made at casa migliaca, packed up the car, and started our long drive. We stopped at this market, and got some fizzy drinks for the ride.

Roman the fizzy drink spiller
Roman is my brother. On the ride, roman kept spilling the fizzy drink! He got it on my seet, and for the rest of the ride, I had to sit on a plastic back.

On with the day. After, i asked my dad tell my a story. After the story, my and my brother played onion for the rest of the ride.

The game ONION!
The game onion that we made up...
In the car, there is this little pulley thing were on one side there is a pulley thing and on the other side there is another pulley thing, and it looks like an onion. The point is to try to pull the onion from the other person and if the other person has it you have to distract them to get it back!

Elegent restaurant.
Whe we were almost at a place, we went to this realley quality food restaurant. We got special food that was served so nicely.

mosaic tiling
Before we got there, we went to a place called piazza armirina, which was a mosaic tiled place. We saw the famouse one, ther bikini ladies. The bikini ladiesw were tiled on the floor, and were playing sports!

when we got there, we jumped in the pool like 50 times! Roman and I did so many jumps! We did can opener, canninbal, pencil dive, dive, jump, and belly flop!

it was a nice, calm day.

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