Tuesday, September 28, 2010

9/16/10 storm in Brooklyn

Storm. Thunder. Tornado. It was a storm. Ripped through Brooklyn, headed to staten island, like a spray of hairspray going through your hair. The night was peacefull, until it happened. The crackling lightning made me wonder. I was the one who saw it. I ran to the window, and couldn't believe what I saw. I could not see through the window. and behind it, a dramatic theater show was happening. The rain was a blur, the icy hail and rain drops quickly slid across the window. The earth was moving, shaking, was the earth going to die?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Galleries and fashion

Today, September tenth, is this first night of fashion week. My dads friend Elliot invited us to go and see art gallerie openings and the fashion. We took a lot of pictures and there was a art opening that was about silver objects such as a big adidas flip flop, and a big dollar bill all in silver. We saw a lot of models and some dancers and we saw men dancing in speedos and holding footballs!
It was fun and the models were really just normal people! (we talked to some so we know that) Here are some pictures of me and art work!!!!!!!! By the way today is my first soccer game.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Tonight i am going to have a sleepover with my friend that i haven't seen in two months because our trip!!!
I can't wait. My school starts on the 8th, and two days ago i got my letter and today we are going to go to the store for the supplies.
It feels good to be back home, and we adjusted very quickly!!!