Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mud-donkey Sicily, 7-25-10

As we wake up, we remember that today is the day to milk the donkeys! We wake up, have breakfast, then go outside to start milking. I really like the milking. What you do is pull the female donkeys teats, wearing gloves, holding the bucket, and squeeze! The donkey doesn't have much milk, so there is not to much. We go into the kitchen, and heat the milk and finnaly, filter it then drink it. It was very sweet, and i did not prefer the taste. Then, we get in our car, and go to the moon! The moon are theese mini craters and mini mini mini volcanoes. The tiny bubbles erupt, and there is a pattern of half circle half square shapes, from the lava from the crater. There is a rope around the pattern. The little shapes, some are wet clay and some are dry. I make some pretend food out of the clay, and my hands get all muddy. On the shorts i am wearing (my brothers size 4 boxers) i get some clay. I got to keep some minerals. Later that day, we went to this amusment place and me and my brother went on a super trampoline bounce. You can run and jump on super bouncy trampolines, and you jump SO high! I felt like i was in a circus doing tricks! For dinner we went to the best restaraunt called Sapore de' mare and we ate some fish. The fish was very salty and we had to pick the bones out but it was still so exellent! The salty taste made my mouth tingle and feel good!

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