Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7-5-10, Rome

Hi! Today i went to the Sistine Chapel, and Saint Peters Basilica. I enjoyed Saint Peters Basilica. I have to admit i was not that interested, but it was a sight to see. There were many people praying, and many tourists. In the middle of the basilica, there is this large round, curved arch, and amazing columns. What i like about Rome is all the columns. there are some really outstanding ones. Anyway, we went to a mueseum {but i forgot what its called} and we walked through a hallway which was covered in maps. They were maps of Italy and Rome. It was pretty stunning how they were painted, the maps. The waves that were representing the water were blue for the wave and on the tip of the wave, a green line. My brother could barely last, he was whining, but we managed. At dinner, me and my brother made mixes and potions out of whine, salt, pepper, bread sticks, bread, water, ravioli, and tomatoes and salad. It was fun!

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