Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sicily, 7-19-10

hey-lo! Today, our aim was to go to super tall, super cold, nature made, snow topped mount etna, the most active volcano in Europe! We wolk up at seven, which is early considiring we go to bed late and wake up late. We got in the car, and rode for 2 and a half hours! I sort of slept in the car. The first place was a gorge. When we arrived at the gorge, we asked the lady in the front about this place. She said the water was super duper extremely supremely cold, but we found out the truth. It was not so freezing! I mean, it certinley was cold, but NOT super duper extremely supremely cold! We dunked our boodies in, and then it felt sort of freezing! My brother ate a bag of chips there and inside was a prize, and it was a cute little creature, with a black outfit on. Then we got back in to the super hot 'n' humid car, and drove to a train station were we would take a train around super tall, super cold, nature made, snow topped mount etna! Me, my brother and my dad went and got some food, and my mom was saying come on come on because the train was about to come, and we superbly right on time made it! In the train ride, i slept because i was so tierd! A little later we went to this town called taormina and rode a finicular and went to tjis beach. At the beach, it was funner then fun and me and my brother met a italian girl named anna and we caught the waves together, and the water felt so goods like i had never touched water before!

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