Friday, July 16, 2010

sicily, 7-11-10

Hi! Today we went to Selninute. They are temples. The one we saw was dedicated to the god Hera. The Sicilians worshipped the Greek gods, as well as the Romans and the Greeks. The temple was pretty well kept together. When we went to the gift shop, we saw this book that had pictures of what the ruins looked like now, and what like they really looked like before. We were sitting on some stairs, and my mom and my brother wanted to go down, so I wanted a quicker way, and I was so stupid because I jumped. L When I jumped, I landed with my knees half scraping against this rock, and my leg bashed into the ground. My ankle was almost sprained, and I am kind of limping, but otherwise I am okay. I also got a huge scrape. For dinner, we had the best pizza and pasta! The bread was so tasty from the pizza, and the sauce on the pasta was so rich and yummy! And we had the best dessert. The desserts were lemon sorbet, almond parfet, and a special Sicilian Pannacota. The lemon sorbet was home made, and you could just taste the lemon in it. The almond parfet had a rich taste of home made ice cream, smothered with almonds and chocolate sauce.I did not like the panacota. We ate dinner in Castellamare del Golfo, which inn English means Castle on the sea of the golf.

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