Friday, July 16, 2010

sicily, 7-13-10

Hi! Today, we wolk up early to go on a boat ride. The man who drove the boat was named agnasio, which is an Italian name. agnasio was the waiter from our dinner on the 11th, and its funny because during the day, he is a skipper and at night he is a waiter. We took off. As we took off, you could see the island behind you, and we moved fast. The first place we went swimming was in these caves. It was amazing! It was so great. We were swimming with pretty big fishes! When we got inside the cave, we found this orange plant. It was as soft as the softest object you could emagine. Then agnasio gave us some plums, that were really good! The second place we swam, me and my brother collected special rocks. The third place, we swam under an rock, and under was a beach. It was so special! You never see something like this some were else. We also saw sea tomatoes, that sea animals eat. It felt so good to swim all three times, because it was burning hot and the cool water felt so good. I am now running out of power, and I am going to go swimming in the pool!!!

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