Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Temple, Sicily, 7-24-20

Today, we went to THE VALLEY OF THE TEMPLES! I have some information about the temples.

1st temple, temple of hera

This temple was the temple of hera, in greek also known as juno. There was a alter in the temple, and a alter is for putting sacred things into to make giving’s to the god that the temple is for. When the greeks caught an animal to sacrifice, they would only catch an animal that is healthy, bony, but meaty. Once they were caught, lets say they caught a boar, they would cut off the hair on the neck and a piece of the meat, and through it into the alter.

Then we went to the Concordia temple, and there was a modern art show INSIDE the temple, so we got to go inside. It was really amazing because we got to go inside the most put together temple! You felt like you were going back in time and you were ruler!

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