Monday, July 5, 2010

7-3-10, Rome

I might be writing on weird times, but know that there is a six hour time change and we are six ours ahead of you new yorkers. Anyway, here we go! That day, went to an amazing mueseum. Inside there were these sculptures by a sculpter named Bernini. He is amazing!! He realy can make things pop out from just a block of marble! My favorite sculpture of his is one were this god, Apollo, is chasing a nyph Daphne, but Daphne sends a prayer to her father, and her father changes her slowly into a tree. Daphne's toes start growing roots, her legs start turning into bark, and her hair starts growing leaves. It is amazing how Bernini does this, and it looks like its actually happening. That was an amazing part of the day. After the mueseum, we went to a restaurant called Essolo. We ordered two main meals, but the waiter gave us double the meal, so wee had to pay extra and we didnt evan order it! But, its ok. We had the most amazing Gnochi, which is pasta filled with meat and cheese. So, interesting day, right?!

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