Monday, September 9, 2013

Sometimes, I feel like I can't die. That I'm invincible. That I can fight off any force that comes my way and I'm just super, super strong.
I'm super confident about it. It's unusually, but it's true: I feel like I can run at the speed of light, I'm strong, I'm ready to empower the world and break the wall between today and tomorrow.
I have also just started school. I have a great glass, and pretty good teachers. And with my super human forces (metaphorically speaking, of course), I think, I know, I will have a great year.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

// Blog post on programming, written as a program.;

#include "stdafx.h";
#include ;
#include ;
using namespace std;

int_tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])

        string C++;
        cout << This summer, I did a programming camp at NYU. Thus completed, I have begun to conquer the language of C++. Learning a program is very similar to learning a foreign language; it has it's own words, it's own grammar, it's own order and system of organization. So throughout these five days in which I was immersed into the world the cout and the cin and the strings and iostreams and variables and integers and more municipal parts of C++, I began to get a grip on, simply, what is behind every electronic technological move I am constantly making. For example, just to turn on my computer there is a complex line of code telling it what to do, what to do if something out of normality occurs, or else to do this or that. A big part of the C++ coding was the idea of the if/else statements; if input = a, do this, else if input does not = a, do this. And that is 100% the backbone of life. If this doesn't work, we are always jumping to the else. So in fact, every time programmers complete chunks of code, they are pre-writing mini universes with each key they press. Now, what if a programmer is coding our lives? Maybe there's a formula for when exactly the sun rises and sets, for when the rain falls, for when food grows. But maybe the key is to become your own programmer. To start programming your self.

     return 0;