Saturday, July 28, 2012

Waking up.
Feel the slight, welcoming, summer breeze from my window.
And just walking outside, sticking my arms out like a bird, feeling the air seep through my body, hearing the birds chirp away, speaking in an unknown language, seeing the many shades of green, everywhere, everywhere.
Even though one can here the rumbling of cars driving by, why pay attention when you have pure life, nature: flowers, insects, birds, beautiful sounds, beautiful wind, beautiful beautiful vacation?
What is a vacation? It is a break.
Where I am now is nothing like it is where I live.
That is vacation.
Constant sounds, different bodies of water always changing, rocks, pebbles, and shells, trees, plants, leaves of all sort, vines creeping out of every corner, family. I am happy.

While I'm here I need to enjoy it. I need to embrace the forces of life around me, to take in simply the wonderful, fresh air. 

Time goes by so quickly. So take the extra two minutes. Because they won't come again.

Time puzzles me sometimes. What is time? It isn't just the numbers we have composed to work around the clock. 

Time is just a tool we use. 

Speech is a tool we use to communicate.

Writing is a tool, partners with speech.

Writing, writing, scribling, scribing, writing, getting down thoughts, information, emotions, writing, writing, writing, now the word, writing, writing, writing, writing is starting to sound a little funny.

What is also interesting is how thoughts can trail off. Just like how I write (writing writing writing :). One thought leads to another, one sentence brings on more.

My next sentence is that I am hungry and should go eat breakfast.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The sharp, fierce edge pierces the red sphere, slicing it into pieces. I gently pick it up, place it in a bowl, and bite. The light, filling juiciness assures me. And, most of all, it taste good.

So much an apple can do :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What is hello?
It is a h, e, l, l, and an o.
It is a composition of various letters composing a word.
It is a gesture that says "welcome".
It is a greeting.
It is a way to approach someone.

It is the opposite of goodbye.


 Summer is finally here. Well, it was a while ago but still.

The heat is both relaxing and, well, quite HOT.

As I think about temperature, I think about seasons. Where I live we have all of them. Spring transforming into summer, summer to fall, then fall to the chills of winter.
If someone asks me the question, "would you rather live in a place where it is always cold or where it is always hot?", I would say cold. To me, there is a sense of comfort and warmth when I cozy up under a blanket in the winter. It feels good.

But now it is summer, and I am welcoming the heat to nourish and calm my body, day by day. I am in Cape Cod. Here there is an excellent balance of heat, and of course various bodies of water to keep cool in. Each day so far we have gone to a different pool of water; on Monday a place to swim, to play paddle board, and to skim board; on Tuesday a private and wonderful pond (Spectacle Pond (I like the name, let that be noted) ), and today to Duck Pond, where we caught some frogs and saw huge tadpoles!

What I like about Cape Cod is that I have that feeling of nature, trees, ponds, oceans, wildlife, but still that assuring feeling of civilization around you. And with the adventures I am having, the places I am swimming, the food :) I am eating, and, of course, the deep sleep I am getting, I am finally on vacation!