Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sicily, 7-28-10

Today, I woke up and begin to write this. Then me and my brother and my dad my breakfast of cereal and yogurt. We get dressed, and my brother and I start to wash up. We brush our teeth, wash our face, brush our hair, and get dressed. When everyone is ready, my mom says "let's go!" and we are off. We go to a roman and Greek theater and there is a little fountain were it feels so good to be near water when it is burning hot outside. Then we go to the arcialogical museum. I see vases, tools from people who came a long time ago. There is a outdoor garden were me and my mom play games. In the museum I saw in a glass case these laddies who were dressed in togas, that were found and put back together. There is a term called, Repetition And Differince, were something repeats it's self but not exactly in the same way, such as these sculpted mini laddies! We go back to our apartment and take a rest. I slept a tiny bit, and then me and my mom had fun on the computer, and she was pretending to act like a teenager! It was hilarious! Then I put on a skirt and we all went out to dinner, and has splendid and delicious meal! After the meal, we went to this place near the water and talked. it was 12:00 at night!

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