Sunday, December 11, 2011

In French class at school, we have pen-pals (all the way in France). We had to write letters about the holidays to them. I wrote mine on the computer, then decorated them further:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I just finished practicing my piano.
Tonight was one of those nights: the music truly came alive.
I felt it so strongly: like it was me.
I probably played this small, 4 measure part about 37 times. Really.
But the thing was: it really felt so good.
I have always wanted to be able to decorate a tree, let alone something, for the holidays.
My dad always says I am persistant, and pretty much I am. I made it happen for myself.

We celebrate Hannukah. It's tons of fun, what with the presents, games, candles and all. But I always wanted to have something big, like a christmas tree. So my mom, brother, and I started to build a gigantic menorah! It was mainly my idea, but they helped make the finishing touches.
We first built the base, a triangle shaped big wedge of cardboard, and then made the base of the candles, which was to lay on top of the triangle shaped base. Then, we made candles: big towers (made of cups) with colourful stripes of duct tape. My brother and I stuck them in. We haven't made the middle candle, the shammash, yet. We are waiting for some special materials.

I decorated it: one side with paper colored snow flakes, one side with a duct tape quilt, and on the other side, my brother and I wrote all the names of people who are important in our lives. It's pretty stunning.

And, like there's santa, we are even thinking of making a hannukah monster/person or something!

Happy early holidays!