Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Drop the Bomb

Everyone has those situations when they have something urgent and dire to admit to someone else, but they're hesitant to speak up. But they all ponder somewhat the same thing: "When should I drop the bomb?" When's the right time to tell them the news?
And it's tricky. If you chose to tell them at the wrong time, it might alter the whole situation.
'Drop the Bomb" is a virtual game that experiments with the meaning of 'the right time'. There will be about a hundred situations programmed into the game, each one trickier and more complex than the previous. The strategy is to logically think about the right time to 'drop the bomb'; to tell them what they don't want to hear. Clues will be given at various times, indicating how the second character is feeling. You, as the primary character, will have to logistically think about when you want to share the problem. If you don't, you somehow get zapped and loose the level.