Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sicily, 7-27-10

Today, it was our first full day in serucuza, sicily. In the morning, i had an egg with a tomato and a piece of lox under. Yum. My brother had one too and said it was phenomanale! We sat around a bit before we went anywhere. Roman and I looked through our backpacks to see the treasures we had collected. Then we got dressed, and skipped down the stairs of our apartment. The door is a giant one but then they cut out a really tiny door that you have to use. My dad usually bangs his head because its to short for him. The we went to the outdoor market. Everybody was so nice! This one man gave us a plate of perchuto and bread and pistachio cheese and two cups of whine! yummy, the perchuto and the bread and cheese was! We walked around and then me and my dad swam in a rocky place. Later that day, We went to a puppet show! It was about Orlando furioso! It was in italian but we could understand by the puppets. After the puppet show, we went to this place for dessert, and a man let us taste thistart with ricotta cheese which was DE-LICIOUS!

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