Friday, July 16, 2010

sicily, 7-10-10

Hello! We are in Sicily!!! Our first day. During the night, I got these rashes and scratches, and I think I am ellergic to some thing. We went to a castle, called castellamarre venus. We went inside the castle, and we went to a room, which was like a small room on top of the castle, like castle rooms in fairy tales. If you looked down, it was amazing because the castle was so high up. In the room, there was a statue of this god venus. ON the drive up to the castle, there were really curvy roads, and we did these sharp hairpin turns. Then we went to a sea, and swam, and when I put on my googles, I saw the most amazing leaves, moving to the swift current, and these clamshell flowers. It was amazing. Then we went to dinner, and played games and tolled stories and ate!

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