Sunday, November 25, 2012

I am crestfallen. Beaten down. Crushed.
I've learned it's best to be silent. To not say a word, because people will just yell and scream at you.
But I HATE THAT!!! I hate that I have to say, "it's best to be silent." Because IT'S NOT!
I just feel that way. I've been MADE to feel that way.
There is so much loud, annoying music in this world. So much demand. So much "do this, do that! Let's GO!" Whatever happened to appreciating what you have?
When you comfort and congratulate, THEN people will want to accomplish more.
But when you beat, order, and demand, who would want to just silently obey? AH! It's ridiculous.
It's like they stuff you with all this nonsense, trying to abduct you and make you into one of them.
Stay strong. Don't let them kill you, take over you. AHHHHH!!! What else is there to say?
This is the chaos theory:

Tribal Chaos:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sometimes, things really click. And when they do, everything starts rolling, smoothly, in a productive though creative way.
It feels awesome!

Lola Lafia                            This I Believe                 ELA; Second Draft
706                                                                           M.S. 51
I believe in the piano.
Everyone has a way to express themselves. A way to let their feelings out. Usually, by doing something they feel comfortable and confident with.
Music is wonderful. The simple though rich sounds that come out of instruments, creating an orchestra of melodies. Rolling hills of pure beauty, vast oceans of overflowing music.
All this, the piano can create.
However, all brilliant things do not always come naturally. They take practice, enforcement, and (unfortunately), criticism. They take work, and passion. While one may want to egress, there are many guerdons that come from playing the piano.
Walk to the piano bench and just sit there; observing and taking in the black and white notes you see in front of you. And you will soon ingress, and finally enter its world.
Sometimes, my fingers fly across the piano. While in my mind I am not fully aware of what I am doing, my fingers know where to go. And, it’s just this amazing feeling that bubbles up inside of me.
I’m being taken over by an instrument!
But it is not just that. It is more.
Be sure to not mitigate the music, but to feed it, feed the fire until it roars! The beauty will be tacit.
But there are many times when I do not want to go and play. I don’t want to enter the piano world.
I have better things to do! I want to text, watch a movie, be with my friends, play a game! But of course I want to do all these things. I’m a kid!
While it is still important to complete the tasks and urges that life presents, as there are many as a twelve-year-old, you must not loose the instrument, for it is a life long companion.
Embrace it.
Put your anger into it.
Put your impatience into it.
Put joy into it.
Put happiness, pleasure, grief, shock, pressure, stress, put everything into it. Put your very soul into the music.
What I love about the piano is that I can loose myself in it. I can be anything while playing. And whatever it may be that leads you to it, everyone must experience that feeling. This, I believe.