Saturday, August 7, 2010

Turkey is hot! august 7

Hi! Today is our first day in turkey, the third chapter of our trip! Turkey is moist and humid, which makes the heat sticky heat. :( We can not believe we only have three weeks left, because the trip went so fast! Our first destination in turkey is Istanbul, the most ancient place in turkey. In our apartment, as well as outside, is burning hot! Both the air conditioners are broken! Ughhh! It is soooo hot! We have this big size tub out side so we fill it up with cold water and take a cooling, refreshing cold rinse before we take a nap. We have to take a nap because our flight yesterday was at 2 in the morning so we didnt get much sleep. Outside on the huge deck, there is the most amazing view of the bosphorus river which separates Istanbul from the asian side to the european side. In the view you see the river between the two sides of Istanbul. In the river there are a lot of boats and last night, there were cruise ships going through with lights and music. On the other side is a lot of green that you can see. The view is amazing! Then when we took our nap, we barely slept because the morning sun is almost unbearble! Then me and my mom took a bath together and scrubbed eachother! It felt good! We started our day after that. We went to the Grand Bazar! The grand bazar is the local market of istanbul! We also went to the spice market and spelled really good tea spices, lemon tea, apple tea, and cinnamin tea. We discovered a pomagranite chew with pistachios that was really yummy and a chocolate caremal with nuts! For dinner we went to the bambi cafe which was disgusting and they didn't evan giv us the right food and everything was yuck. We were still hungry because we barely ate enything so we got a shwarma, which is a wrap with chicken our meat with vegitables. And, that was yummy and with the meal we had orange lemonade!

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