Monday, August 30, 2010


Today is our last day, of our amazing, long being with family the WHOLE time, two months, summer vacation, trip. While my parents were planning the trip, they started so early, so I thought this trip would NEVER come! But, it has past so fast. During the weekends my parents were always planning! Planning, planning, and more planning.But this trip has been great, and so many new places to see.
We travled in Europe, first to Italy, Germany, then Turkey. In Italy, we travled first to Rome, the Sicily. Germany, just Berlin. But turkey, turkey has been the most different from the USA. The culture is new, the language is completely different, meaning that in italy and germany, you sort of understand what they are saying and the rhythym of the language is much easier. In turkey, we first came to Istanbul, then to cappadocia, then Izmir, Lake bafa, Kas, Cirali, Antalia, and now back to Istanbul. So many new places, and we had a car there so if we didnt like the place, we would just move on! The worst place were we stayed was Lake Bafa, the lake was dirty and smelly, the hotel was horrible, and the people were these German Turkish weirdos. Our trip has been a real good experience for me and my brother. I have loved it.
Were i am right now
I am back in Istanbul, lying in my bed, wrighting the last blog of this
trip. I just cant believe its almost done. I will always remember this trip, and another one will come in seven years!

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