Friday, August 20, 2010

My brother romans story!

By roman lafia
Once upon a time, I was waking up on my bed. Then, I went for a hike camping. One day, on my hike, I met a horse named thromanic. Then, I went home with him because I loved him so much. I love thromanic so much because he made me crabby pattys. Later on, I was camping with my horse thromanic. I was also camping with my grown up irena, and my big sister lola, and we all rode my horse thromonic. And I found another horse on my other hike and I named him banana. Then, my big sister and me were riding on the horse banana. And my grownups, irena and marc, rode on my other best horse named thromonic. Later then, when we got to the campsite, then, right away we roast marshamellows. I love marshamellows because they taste so good with grahm crackers and chocolate. Then I rode an airplane with my pets, banana and thromonic. Then, I fed them some horse food. They liked it a lot because they were hungry from riding the airplane and the ride was so much fun. Then, I went to a museum with my pets, and they really liked the one painting of a horsie chewing bubble gum. My favorite painting was the picture of two horsies hugging. Then, I went out of the museum. Then, I bought my horsies ice cream! Then, they licked it all up. Then banana gets a party. They get to sit in a chair next to eachother. One time I like my horsies so much better then 1,000,00 times. I love my horsies, banana and thromonic.


  1. great story roman. My favorite part of your story was when you all roast marshamellows . --lola k

  2. hello lola !!I'M Selin.You went to my home.We played sims 3.I maked to nail polish for you.You said 'Your room is colorful'Can you remember me?I got myshelf a blog.write me-ıf you remember me.Byee!!