Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Istanbul, turkey, august 11

As i told you, the day begun wonderful. And so the day was a wonderful holiday day. After we take our wonderful fun bath, we got dressed and went on the bus. The bus was SO hot, but roman and I had fans. In turkey, half the people are wearing pants, coats, and head dresses, that I just don't understand how they can stand it. They believe in allah which is the musulim god and they are not allowed to make and complaints. After the burning hot bus ride, went to the tram and luckley it was cool. I cleaned my parent glasses and I earned 1 turkish lyra,(that is the curency in turkey). When we go to the right stop, we found this little place and my parents got a turkish coffe (that was served in these pretty metal cups with some turkish delight candy) and a baklava and roman and I shared this delicous foundou that tasted melty, creamy, and like the best thing in the world. We then walked to the bascilica cistern, and on our way we got five postcards for one lyra. Good deal. One lyra is like 75 us cents. As we walked into the bascilica cistern, it started to get quite. The cistern is under ground and is very cool in weather. I felt like i was walking through a jungle, because it is very dark and only has a few lights on. The water is shimmering and glistenning under me, and there are tons of fish. Walking through the cistern is mysterious, and cools you off from the wonderous heat outside. As we aproach the end of the under ground walk, we aproach the medusa. The are 2, one is upsidown and one is side ways. The reason for that si that when medusa stares at you, it can turn you to stone, so this trys to stop her from looking at you. When we finished our walk, we got a picture taken of us all dressed up looking like sultans, sitting on royal chairs. That was really fun to do! Then we went out and i got these old colectible turkish coins and my brother got a traditional turkish hat!

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