Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lunch & topkapi palace, august 9

The lunch
At the restauraunt we went to today for lunch, the women who is the bread maker quickly lifts her hand in the air and flicks it in the flour. You can see she has been doing this for years. She is slightly sweating, but doing her work with happiness. Her head scarf is loosely rapped around, starting from her neck around her face and back around the neck. Her body is fully covered except her feet and hands and face, she must be hot. The oven is a round, circular metal piece, and the lady quickly places the pancake on top of the hot metal piece. As she waits a little for the pancake to be cooked, she starts pounding other dough in the flour. The first pancake she made was served to me, with a yummy potato cream.

Aribic writing
Swift curves of the letters. Its like a drawing, as each letter looks different. Then you start to notice the gold color of the letters, and each symbol for each sultan looks unique and royal.

Topkapi palace patterns
The patterns that I see on the wall, are blue and green, patterns of flowers, triangles and hexagons, all shapes and curvy lines. Some red, but again blue and green keeps repeating. The royal thrones. The precious tiger skin, on the soft black and white marble wood throne. The encrusted rubys and dimonds on the gold throne are outstanding, but the tiger skin throne is more for me. The darker color makes it more mysterious, makes it royal in a way that is not greedy, such as the gold one, which may seem royal and of course it is, but a bit to shiny and the look seems a bit greedy. It seems greedy because it is like sucking the riches out of the world, just for one person, not shared.

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