Monday, August 23, 2010


We stayed in kas, turkey for four days now.
A few days ago we went on a boat ride.
In kas, it was 103 degrees so it was so hot,
so we decided to take the boat ride that day.
We got on the boat and went to our comfy
spots that where mats that are coushins.
We rode the boat and the wind was so
nice and there was a lot of breeze. We swam
five times and the day before i got my own
snorkeler to use and we saw a sunken city
and a lot of fish. After the baot ride me and
my dad ate some iced almonds! There was a
iced almond stand and we love almonds so
we tried them and they were really good.
They were as whight as scalla de turkey,
which are theese white white white rocks
we saw in sicily, italy.
Yesterday we
spent the day at the beach.
At the beach,
there is this run and jump thing
that i did
and you run off a plat form, that

is really high and jump in the water.
Me and my brother met a spanish lady from barsolona,
spain and we played backgamen and checkers
with her!

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