Friday, August 27, 2010

Cirali, turkey, august

We went to a place in turkey called Cirali. The day we came we were from Kas and we drove 3 hours to get there. While we were there, we had really great times. The first night we went to the beach I pretended that i had a candy shop and a made al this fresh candy out of rocks! To the right is a picture of me wearing a big mask at the beach. The second night, we went to see the eternal flames on mount chaymera that the olympians took to mount Olympos, were the twelve greek gods live. The flames were shimmering in the dark light, and it was a grand and powerful sight, and to me, thats what it felt like. My mom said this place would be super relaxing, but no. The hotel we stayed at was Grand Aygun and It was so bad. I would rate it 1 star becuase there are 6 bad things about it.
1.The people are not nice to kids (the older man was always telling me to move)
2.There are roosters and chickens all over that poop everywhere
3.On my bunk bed, the stairs to get up are metal bars so it REALLY hurts my feet
4.There are ants all over the room and the last night there were ants crawling on my parents bed with them in it
5.The breakfast is not for kids its just rolls and chillie peppers and hard boiled eggs
6.It is 86 Euros which is 172 Turkish Lyra for our uncomftorble room
Then, there is a beach close by and it is SO hot in the day we only go at night.
We meant to stay at the Bad Grand Aygun for five days, but after two nights with that, we had enough and went to Anatolya. Anatolya is one of the biggest and largest population in turkey. Our hotel is in the old part of Anatolya. The day before my mom made a resorvation at the White Garden hotel which is 120 Turkish Lyra per night. Before we got there, we looked around to find a less expensive hotel, and we found one that was the same price but it had a beautiful garden and the stairs are exactly like the stairs at our real house in brooklyn so we choose it. The feeling is great. My mom got twenty Turkish Lyra off so now we are paying 100 Turkish Lyra for a great value! After we settled in, we went to a beach. Before we got there, we looked at one more hotel and it was 60 lyra per night!!! That is a great deal and it even has a pool. But Ninova hotel that we are staying at is better. At the beach I collected some really awesome rocks. For dinner we went to a Italian restauraunt and the girlfriend of the man who was the chef talked to us about her travles. She is a great story teller and you can listen to her for a long time. She speakes in a great way while her voice is full of words and volume, the sound moves UP then down, and we listen and laugh.

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  1. Hi Lola!

    This is Uncle Gary. Your Mom told me about your blog. I'm sorry some of your rooms were uncomfortable and it's so hot. At least you can go to the beach at some point in the day. You are really involved in the search for hotels! Why don't your write about how your brother is doing.

    Uncle Gary