Monday, August 2, 2010

Go to Germany! august 1st

Hi! We left ITALIA! And went to germany! We had a traveling day. For breakfast, we had this yummy granita! Granita is flavored ice. We packed our car and drove to palermo, the capital of sicily, and went to the airport. Finnaly, our plane came in and we boarded! We had to fly to milan first. milan is another part of italy. We went to milan, and when we got there we ate dinner and I got a kebab! When we got on the plane, we said good bye italy! And then, we were off. In the flight we slept because it was 10:00pm. When we got there, we went down the escalater to the baggage claim. Me and my brother love to take the luggages off the convearbelt. When we got there, we met our german friend named antje! We all gave huggs and said hello, and we gave her some italian chocolates called baci! they are really yummy! We are in the capitel of germany, berlin. then we went back to antje's house!

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