Monday, August 15, 2011

Salvador Dali
For the past two days, this is who we have been discovering. On 8-14-11, we had a full traveling day from Marsielle to Figueres, Spain. We woke up in Marsielle at seven a.m., 7h00,v to catch the train at 8h00. We were all dressed in in long pants and sweatshirts because the train is very air conditioned and cold.
We got out of our apartment, and rolled are suitcases to the front of the main station. There are big stairs leading up to that, huge stairs, so we found a different way to go up with our heavy luggage. Once we got there, we got to have our last French breakfast, in the station because we had a little time before our train left. I had a chocolate croissant. We got on the train, played games like guess who, went on electronics, I drew, did math, and waited.
Once we got off that train, we transferred to another. My brother and I watched a video. That train ride was very quick. After that train, we were supposed to transfer to another one to take us to our final destination.
The most unbelievable thing happened. The last train we were supposed to take was the front part of our previous train. We were sitting in the back of the train, what a coincidence, and by the time we got out, the front part had all ready detached and left. Plus, that train was a TGV train (which means it was a speed train), so because we missed it, it would take us four hours instead of 15 minutes.
There were other people who had missed it too. One of them had been at the station since 10h00: they had no idea about the train because on the screen, it had said that there was a twenty minute delay, so they assumed it would be later. The other person was a young woman who was traveling to Barcelona, and because of this, she would miss her flight. She was in tears.
Connections have to be exact for one to make it, and if the first domino falls, the other ones do too.
I haven't even gotten to Dali yet! When we did get there, we checked into our hotel. We quickly took our baggage up to our room, got in the car, and went to the Dali museum, for our 20h00 tickets. Of course, we made it, like we do (mostly) every time, usually at the absolute last minute. The exhibit was great. The exhibit had so much in it, and we spent almost half an hour in this one room, where they had a sculpture of a woman made of brass, and this car with a broken window that rained inside when you pushed a button. All of this was set in the round interior courtyard, where you could see the floors up above with a glass window every time there was a manikin in a different pose.
Other rooms had paintings, sculptures, and interactive exhibits. Dali also explored perception, so there was a lot of artwork that could be viewed as multiple things, as well as different places to look from. One piece was a painting, flat, that you couldn't understand until you looked into a wine bottle that reflected the image right side up. He also had a room dedicated to the face. There were to paintings of eyes on either side of the wall, a nose fireplace with two nostrils, and a pink couch that looked like lips. On the outer edge was hair that was formed like a doorway, and to see the whole face, you looked through a hologram to shrink the size and make it viewable with the eye.
After we left the museum, we went back to our hotel. It was raining, but still we decided to go into the pool. That was so much fun. They had a water slide into the pool and a diving board, and i went on each one a countless amount of times.
The next day would be another traveling day to Barcelona, but first, we went to Dali's home. It was not like all those old fashioned homes, with so much dark color and old rugs and paintings of religious things, and i am glad about that. It was actually interesting as we toured the house, because so many museums and homes we saw last summer were like i just described, and i wanted something else. Dali's home was fairly modern, but still had the old feeling which i like. Another thing for perception: there was a mirror in the front room, facing the window, and from Dali's room, because of the mirror, he could watch the sun set and rise.
Another thing he had was a cricket cage, because he loved the sound they made. Also, there living room was like a tunnel, because when you spoke, your voice would echo.
The garden had a lap pool with fountain, and a lounge just like the lips couch.
Here are some pictures of both exhibits:
My hand, holding a statue of an egg that is far away:
A painting of a rhinocaraus that a posed like:
The Face:
The second lip couch:

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