Saturday, August 20, 2011

I woke up to the bright light outside the bedroom window. That wakes me up every day: at around 9:00, and because of that I can't really sleep.
The good thing about waking up early -I call nine early because we go to sleep at 11:30- is that I get to do a lot of extra writing, either on my blog, my book, or both.
That day, I did a lot of reading and I finished the book called "The Traitors Gate" by Avi. At first I didn't like the book; it had a slow and bland beginning; but after I kept reading, I was intrigued and I couldn't stop.
After I woke up, the order was my mom, brother, and dad. Once we were all dressed and ready to go, we went outside. There are two ways to get out of the building, one by taking the elevator and another way by walking down the stairs. So Roman and I decoded to wall down. We new our parents were going to take the elevator down, so as we walked down, we pressed every floors elevator button, so hey would have a local ride. It was really funny because every time the elevator stopped- we new because of the loud metal sound- we could here my parents mumbling what or why!
When we finally did get out, we went to this little bakery where I got a muffin and a pineapple juice. After, as we walked to the bus stop, we went into this shop called Durmofish. The name attracted us. It was actually a nail salon, but the way they do it is by soaking your feet or hands into a tank with water and fish who masage you and bite the dead cells of you, and it feels really good and ticklish. I got a free one because i stuck my hand into the basin while my parents talked to the owners. All the fish came to my hand as soon as i put it in. A photo (if you look closely you can see the fish souraounding my hand):

At the bus station, we took the bus for a few stops, then walked 14 blocks. My dad and I started talking about the street design of Barcelona, so I started to draw a map:
We needed to find directions to our destination, so my parents asked this old man. I think he had a speech problem, because every time he wanted to talk, he had to pause and it was very awkward. He would make a great character. We found directions though.
We settled at the worst restaurant ever; basically like a McDonald's in disguise. We barely ordered anything, and I ate nothing. The point was- a very agreeable point- that the view was great. Our table was outside and it viewed the famous Sagrada Familia. The Sagrada Familia is a church, that was built by many architects starting in the 19th century to now. They say will be done yin the mid 2000's. One architect started the church. Then Goudi took off. He created this church to not be your typical Victorian Jesus and Mary church, but a church with shape, curves here, circles there no hard strait lines, and more, a lighter church, not drowned on paintings and color but not drowned at all, with mostly wight, pink, a lot of cream, and blue. The stain glass windows were every where, stained with brilliant shades of color, with huge columns and rigged stair ways.
Goudi made many plans for the church, but died before it was even 25% done. Now, many architects from all around the world are working too finish Goudi's dream.
All of that could be seen throughout inside. As we sat at the restauraunt waiting for our time to go in, we saw the magnificent outside if the Church. What I liked where too things: one, because Goudi designed it, it was like multiple churches connected, each one having it's own original style but still being able come together: and two, the fruit basket on top of one tower created by a Japanese architect.
My father and I drew a a sketch of the church, its up above in the front of this post.
After we left the church, we walked for a long time to the Music Hall. Then we got a few sandwhiches, kind of a mix with a crepe, paninni, and tortilla. Mine had tomato and cheese, and it was very good. The music performance we saw was very electronical; this man put together a song in garage band and played an instrument to go with it. It was cool, but that was not what we were expecting at all. Also, it was not in the big grand hall designed also by Goudi, where we wanted it to be.
After, we went to a few stores to by some clothes for the school year. My brother and I had such a fun time trying all different coats on. I got a shirt and a scarf. The wierd thing is though, is that size 10-12, the size i usually get, is huge, and the 7/8 size shirt in that store fit me. That was a very calm but fun day.
Some photo's:

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