Friday, August 19, 2011

Barcelona, 8/15-8/16
I am in Barcelona (or Barthelona, how Spanish people say it. The king once had a lisp, and he made sure everyone repeated him so he would not feel alienated. That language is Catalan.). We arrived at night, which was nice because there were no naps involved, just eat something for dinner and got to bed. That night, we wanted to go to this restaurant that we spotted on our way to the apartment.
When we came back to eat, just like it had been before, the restaurant was totally empty and bucktooth woman and the old man just sat and watched T.V. It was a very depressing scene, so we went on to another place. The next restaurant (we did eat there) we went to had a few people in it, but was still pretty empty. We were exhausted from our full day of traveling so we ate there. The man who served us had a very sad face, and the food was not that good, but we didn't pay any attention, we were that tired.
The next day we explored the city. We went to the Grand Rambla, the biggest walk way in the world. We walked there for a while, and explored some cool original shops. We had some lunch, at a nice garden cafe. While i was eating, I wrote postcards to some of my friends. Then went to the contemporary art museum, which was closed. So my dad, my brother, and I decided to go inside this church. I have seen many old churches, but this one was very ornate, and the nice thing was that they had different levels of all the religious things. It had all the detailed paintings, the vague ones, and even the cross with the man made out of a simple piece of wire. This one painting showed many paintings in one, many scenes. Somethings were hidden, and I found the hidden lion in the shadows. We also went to the natural history museum, and the Picasso museum. There, we saw his early works to his latest, with the point of view faces. I noticed a lot of change in his style throughout his life, and his arty pieces were only really formed later in life. Seeing all his works, it was hard to believe they were made by the same artist.
Later that day, at the dinner, my brother and I played soccer with an empty water bottle. It was very fun, and a cute dog even played with us too! He grabbed the bottle in his mouth, the owner took it out, and my brother and I tried to kick the bottle between each other with out the dog getting the bottle.
The next day, the main thing we explored were houses designed by Goudi, a famous spanish architect. Also, we went to another art museum were we saw a documentary on Antoni Tapies, and i got inspired and wrote down some words and sentences and sketches that came to me when I was watching. Here are some photo's of the buildings we saw:

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