Monday, August 1, 2011

Lee Cot Finishes His First Scene

He shook his head, and galloped forward. Suddenly, the sky changed from a light shade of green to a light blue, with a strong, hot sun. Now Cot wasn’t sure weather he was imagining things or not.

But he needed to focus on the treasure. The treasure of Bompo was the whole point of going on this journey. Everybody through American history had tried to get the treasure, for it was said that when it was found, the person who found it would be rewarded a great deal. It did not say how.

Stories had been told about the treasure forever. It seemed to be a goal of most people to get the treasure, but no one had succeeded. Like many people, because it had never been found, Cot’s parents didn’t believe there even was a treasure. But Lee had no doubt. That’s why he was galloping high speed, because he knew. He believed there was a treasure.

Cot’s great uncle, Lucas Cot the third, had been so close to finding the treasure, but had been killed right before he could take it.

Something went off in Cot’s head. An image of a man on a horse, in a similar dessert to the one Cot was in now, appeared. The man was approaching a hole, and gold light seemed to be shining out of it. But before the man could go down and see what was inside, another man, dressed in all black, took out a gun.

Smoke was everywhere. The man had been shot.

This image had appeared in Cot’s head more than once. The treasure of Bompo was said to have a gold stone that shone when someone was in danger. Cot knew it had something to do with that image.

In the far distance, Cot could see something go down very far. It was like a huge hole. He took out his engraved telescope that had been passed on to him from his great uncle. Cot knew that somehow, his great uncle had known that if he didn’t succeed with getting the treasure of Bompo, Lee Cot, who was a just a little boy at the time, was going to.

He couldn’t see very far anymore. The moon was not full tonight, and did not show much light. Cot put the telescope back in his pocket, got off his horse, got some food from his pack, fed his horse, fed himself, and set up camp. They both layed down, and while watching the magnificent Arizona sky full of glowing starts, instantly fell into a deep, restful sleep.

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