Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lisbon, Portugal

Yesterday I traveled to another country, Portugal. This is the last foreign country we are going to before we go back to the U.S.

The bed I had in Barcelona was very comfortable, and I slept very well. I was the last to wake up yesterday because I could hardly bring myself to get up. We had to wake up at 08h00 to get the bus to go to the airport. On the bus I kept watching this T.V. that had the top things to do in Barcelona. It was a replayed loop but it was interesting to watch.

When we checked in our baggage, we got onto the plane. I sat in between my mom and brother. While I was on my mom’s iPhone, my mom was trying to get my brother to write. He finally did, but just one sentence. I like reading his work so I asked him to do more but he just said no.

Then my mom and I started reading “Watership Down” for our book club. It is about talking rabbits that have to flee there home because it is going to be made into some site (I don’t know yet), which will destroy the rabbits. My mom and I switched reading every few pages.

The flight was very short, and in an hour we where there. Right as we where about to leave the plane, my brother stuck gum in my hair. I do not know what goes on in his head. I got so angry at him and so did my parents. I don’t now why he did it.

But of course, we sorted it out. When we got outside the fresh air felt so good. One thought that came to me right when we arrived was that I liked the city. Everyone’s spirit was very light and happy, and the city was colorful and welcoming. We got in the cab and my mom asked the driver some questions. He works 12 hours a day everyday. I have to say that my parents are such good interviewers and that I know a lot about how people live because of that.

We settled in to the apartment but left right away for lunch. I had barely any dinner the night before and no breakfast so I was hungry. As we walked up the stairs (Lisbon is a very hilly place just like San Francisco, and they also both have cable cars) to the restaurant, my mom and I did obstacles and fun exercises. My brother and I pretended we where in the Olympics. Also, we where about to choose a restaurant when I said, “Can we keep walking a little bit?”. I said that for two reasons, one because there was no one at the restaurant, and two, because usually if we don’t like a restaurant, the good one was right in front of us.

I was right. The restaurant we did choose was right through and around another ally way. It was a very good restaurant and our waiter was talkative and very welcoming. When we decided what we wanted to order, he said, “Lets do it”!

After we ate the meal, we started walking through the labyrinth. In Alfama, the neighborhood we are staying in, there are little streets and ally ways everywhere, and the streets are very skinny and made of cobblestones. Cars cannot go through, which is a big change for me because from my bedroom in my house, I can hear all the traffic all night long. I am used to it like that.

We came to a little square that had a view (because it was high above) of Lisbon. I could see all the houses with the tin roofs, and the mini cars and people. My dad and I talked about my book, getting ideas for it from all around us. Then I started walking around just to get more steps for my pedometer, which I have been using for most of the trip.

Through the maze, we came to a station for the 28 cable car, the oldest one in Portugal. Portugal is a lot like San Francisco because it is so hilly and has cable cars. We realized we where going the wrong direction so we only went for one stop. Then we got off and my mom led us to a huge tunnel/window and we saw another view. We did a lot more walking.

We went through, and my mom, the navigator, led us to this bar where there was music playing. Every two or three songs, the singer would switch. There was a wide range of singing: opera, country, and a different style, I don’t know the name of it.

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