Sunday, August 14, 2011

Still in the great Marsielle. On that day, we woke up and rushed to the Viex Port, the Old Port, to catch a boat. The boat ride was three hours and was a tour of the Calnques.
The line for the boat was very long. When we asked a guide about it, she said the line was normal and was even longer at two o'clock, which, i assumed, meant it was a big atraction and must be beautiful. We got on the boat, and chose a 4 seater table inside the it. As the boat started moving, i went outside. I found a seat right on the left side, a seat on the edge viewing the water. The wind blew my hair into my face, and normally i would of brushed it away but i liked the feeling of it; the wind was cool, and the breeze kept it from being to hot. The weather in Marsielle is really nice; not too cold, not to hot, and you can still wear shorts and a tank top or pants.
The Calanques were huge, mountain sized, curved rocks, with moss covering it making it look like a frosted cake. I also saw a few hikers, and i wanted to climb up. The boat never stoped, but we saw beaches that we had already went to and beaches we wanted to go to.
That night, we walked up to the cathederal, where it was said to have the best view of France. It was a very steep walk, but it was later in the day so it wasn't that hot. When we got there, the lighting was picteres so my dad took tons of photo's. The view was okay. The cool thing was that there were two points of view of the city, one was straight, were it was like a mountain, and it looked pretty close, but if i turned to my left, looking down, i could see a whole different looking city, that looked millions of miles away. It was really cool.Then of course, if you looked up, you would see stars starting to come out, they looked a trillion miles away, though some how, very close.

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