Tuesday, October 13, 2015

keep it moving, rolling, flowing

it literally NEVER stops.

I thought I had minimal homework tonight–I got home at 5:00–and I just finished.

tomorrow I'm taking the PSATs... I wonder how that'll go.

Ooo, today I got glasses! They're a clear frame and I think they look pretty cool – they also make everything supremely clear, so helpfully that'll help me see better and reduce my headaches. Last night, two of my friends came over and then we went to my other friends house for dinner, which was really fun. It was all five of us and we were just hanging out and eating dinner and chilling (on a school night!) and it was just really really fun. Fun people! And everyone could be themselves, not worry / or filter themselves, just be open and relaxed and have a good time being with good people. It felt really good! And then one of my friends slept over and we spent the whole night talking about how although the workload is insane right now, our social situation is really really good–it's genuine, it's fun, it's with raw, real, hilarious, down to earth-people. It's great!

But we went to bed super late and both slept terribly and woke up at 7am... but it's all worth it! Right? (or so we tell ourselves because it's the only way we'll get through it... because like I said, it never stops.)

here's my picture of the day... from my trip to LA, which I can hardly believe was more than three months ago! wow. time doesn't fly by. well, it does. really, really fast.


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