Wednesday, July 18, 2012

 Summer is finally here. Well, it was a while ago but still.

The heat is both relaxing and, well, quite HOT.

As I think about temperature, I think about seasons. Where I live we have all of them. Spring transforming into summer, summer to fall, then fall to the chills of winter.
If someone asks me the question, "would you rather live in a place where it is always cold or where it is always hot?", I would say cold. To me, there is a sense of comfort and warmth when I cozy up under a blanket in the winter. It feels good.

But now it is summer, and I am welcoming the heat to nourish and calm my body, day by day. I am in Cape Cod. Here there is an excellent balance of heat, and of course various bodies of water to keep cool in. Each day so far we have gone to a different pool of water; on Monday a place to swim, to play paddle board, and to skim board; on Tuesday a private and wonderful pond (Spectacle Pond (I like the name, let that be noted) ), and today to Duck Pond, where we caught some frogs and saw huge tadpoles!

What I like about Cape Cod is that I have that feeling of nature, trees, ponds, oceans, wildlife, but still that assuring feeling of civilization around you. And with the adventures I am having, the places I am swimming, the food :) I am eating, and, of course, the deep sleep I am getting, I am finally on vacation!

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