Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Babushka & Dedushka

My grandparents just left.
Babushka and Dedushka.
They live in California, we live in New York.
Practically a million miles away.

The two week they spent here with us were wonderful.
These things–a quick chat as I rush to eat breakfast before school; the massages I get while I do my math homework; the spontaneous shopping sprees; the nightly games of cards; the theatre shows; the little gifts–however tacky, they're all filled with love; the smiles; the compliments, the advice; the stories; the Russian, the words I pick up on after a while; the sleeping tea; lolachka, romachka; a kiss on the cheek; morning kisses, after school kisses, bedtime kisses; love love love; cutlets and zuchinni pancakes; chopping up those veggies; trying to help; cottage cheese, good lord; newspaper clippings; "technology is amazing!".

So much more.

And yes.
They're old.
And stubborn.
And eat dinner at 4pm.

BUT they're so kind. So loving. So generous. So wonderful. So beautifully loving. So encouraging. So helpful. So sweet. So fantastic to have them around, even as we go about our normal routines. It's just great to have them there.

As they left I had tears in my eyes.
You don't know what will come next.

I love them so much.
I miss their presence already.

I hope they'll be with me, laughing, at my wedding.
I hope.

They will. They'll make it.
Aw. Ah. I really do love them.
And I know they love me too.

It all goes so quickly.

It was a marvelous visit.
I love them.

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