Thursday, October 10, 2013

Although I didn't really know you, you were a child. A kid, just like me. Like everyone other kid in this world. A kid who had things you loved, things you hated- a kid. And fate has swooped your childhood away, taking you somewhere- but that somewhere I am not sure of.
I'm sure you're not in heaven, or hell, although those are great excuses for where people are taken after their lives are taken away. You're not in a better place.
It's astounding- one day you were here, playing soccer, having fun, planning your bar mitzvah, and the next day? Nothing. Although it's not fair, stupid, and not right, it happened. It happened! If you can hear me in any way, I'm sorry.
Maybe you're in a parallel universe, watching us and copying our every move. But unless your soul escaped, that is impossible. I'm angry, because it's pathetic, and sad, and heartbreaking, and unfair, and I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry. I bet everyone feels hopeless and ruined and devastated and helpless. At school everyone, even us who didn't know you too well, was crying. Everyone was astonished and shocked and angry at the world. And people are dying every day around the world- every five seconds someone dies.


But many of those people have lived full lives. Have gone to high school, college, gotten married, traveled the world. You haven't! And you were part of our community- although it sounds fake and cheesy, there is a community at school, in Park Slope, and you were part of it and now your gone.
It feels like you have a broken leg or something, or have an illness, but you're not... gone. I'm so, so, so sorry for your parents, your sister, your friends- but I'm mostly sorry for you.
You ARE remembered, although I'm sure that's meaningless to you, as you're probably not aware of anything now.
Oh, gosh it's wrong. You will be a shadow in our lives, and you'll be there. I hope you have a great bar mitzvah, I hope you go to a great high school, I hope you find someone you love...
If you can.
This is impossible! You can't be dead!
It isn't possible. But the impossible has occurred.
Wow, life sure is... magical...

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