Sunday, November 25, 2012

I am crestfallen. Beaten down. Crushed.
I've learned it's best to be silent. To not say a word, because people will just yell and scream at you.
But I HATE THAT!!! I hate that I have to say, "it's best to be silent." Because IT'S NOT!
I just feel that way. I've been MADE to feel that way.
There is so much loud, annoying music in this world. So much demand. So much "do this, do that! Let's GO!" Whatever happened to appreciating what you have?
When you comfort and congratulate, THEN people will want to accomplish more.
But when you beat, order, and demand, who would want to just silently obey? AH! It's ridiculous.
It's like they stuff you with all this nonsense, trying to abduct you and make you into one of them.
Stay strong. Don't let them kill you, take over you. AHHHHH!!! What else is there to say?
This is the chaos theory:

Tribal Chaos:

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