Thursday, July 14, 2011

The timing, the amounts, too much, too less. Here, there, up, to the side, to the door to snow, to the door or shelf the soon to have food on things go. To the sahara dessert; from the hot morning, to the heating mid day, to the burning afternoon, to the plate.
Its a chef's job. But it turns out to be the way that we run life.
I really like cooking. Anything you do, mistakes too, leads to a final product, which might be a product to be added to a product to make the final product, and so on.
But i'm the queen, choosing what way to do things, sometimes just doing, just going, moving, waiting, mixing, mixing, mixing, changing, changing back, cooking, and living life.
Life. What would we do with out this word? Its meaning is infinite.

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