Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book Review: Olive's Ocean

Sometimes, you realize things because they never happened. That's what happened to Martha, the main character. Martha now regrets what she didn't do, and the struggle all happens because of that. How do you live when you keep thinking, Why didn't I do that?
Olive, a girl from Martha's class, who had no friends and was bullied, just died in a bicycle accident. Olive's mom looks through Olive's journal, and finds a page where it is labeled, "My Hopes". One of those hopes on the list is to become Martha's friend. Olive's mother brings it to Martha.
When Martha reads it, a lot of feelings she never felt before, come out. Feelings that she never thought she would feel, let alone think about. Wanting to change the past can be one of the hardest feelings to deal with, because you know you can't.
It is a very emotional book. And a very well written book. Much more happens, and more feelings come out when Martha goes to visit her grandma, who lives near the sea, a place were Olive had hoped to go...


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