Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ohmyGOD - so I want to redesign my room and I've been looking online for desks and rugs and bookshelves - I've found a few really cute things on Urban Outfitters, and so I wanted to show my dad because I really value his input and he's really creative and has a great design sense. and the second I show him, he gets up and begins a massive wave of rage and intensity and design preaching, really, on how I should never ever ever ever look on urban outfitters again, not look at such CRAP, you need some QUALITY Lola, QUALITY, look at philippe starck, marc newson, some real people, not ripoffs, and so I go okay so you're going to buy me a desk and a bookshelf made by these top notch designers because that's what I need, and he goes yeah sure of COURSE find one and I'll buy it for you so I look it up and the first thing I find is a $7,000 marc newson chair so I go k I found one I like buy it for me and he goes uhhh and I go EXACTLY but he goes you need top notch and I go mhmmm and he keeps ranting about urban outfitters, Lola you don't need that crap, you need to show your young face and go get some real stuff, come on Lola, you're young, young young young everybody loves young people they want YOU just email them and ask them if you can have a chair for $400 because you're YOUNG and they'll look at your cute little face with those two little braids and say YES yes YES so I said okayyyyyyyyy and then went back to urban outfitters (????!?!?!?!??!?!!!!!???) I love my dad and he's RIGHT but HOW can I get all this it's all so EXPENSIVE well apparently I'm YOUNG so hopefully that gets me somewhere AHHHHHH

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