Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years 2015

January 1st, 2015. woaHaHaHaH i cannot believe it.
We just got back from Hulbert family camp. Bro’s bday was yesterday- new years eve baby and he didn’t even stay up till midnight.
I did, though. We drank champagne (sparkling apple cider), dropped the ball (a big, paper mache hand made ball that everyone wrote their names on with glue and glitter), and sang a song as the clock striked 12am in the upper dining hall of the lodge. It was spectacular.
The late hours leading up to the special moment were filled with ping pong matches, super fun contra dancing, whispering about boys who liked us with maya and lior, taking bathroom selfies with momo, annoying seth with Mathew, munching on potato sips and drinking multiple cups of coffee and lipton tea, talking with adults, hearing their stories, and feeling nervous yet ecstatic for the year to come.
2015. 5 is such a powerful number, because it is the number that initiates rounding up. 1,2,3,4, we could associate with 2010, basically, but 2015 unlocks this astonishing idea of 2020 that seems so far away but really truly isn’t. mind blowing.
I had a really fantastic time at family camp. With my family, with my friends that felt like family. Hulbert creates such an amazing community–and I mean the idea of Hulbert as not only a place, but a place where community, family, humor, relaxation, comfort, fun, and joy (such a cliché word omg) are all part  of the experience. I hope we go every year; this was only our second time going, but already, there’s something so special about this group of people that come from far and wide and rarely see each other during the year, but all gather together in this amazing place and share this amazing experience of embracing the new year together, every year.
It’s 9:59pm and I’m going to sleep now. But 2014 was a packed year, filled with probably every emotion possible. I’m not going to say it was all happy, or all sad, because that would be bullshit. It was kind of everything. I met so many new people, tried so many new things, had so many new experience. And every thing I did helped build the person I am right now, and I’m grateful for everything that happened.
My mom made a slideshow of pictures from 2014 from roman’s bday, and she was so inspired and enthused that she made ones for my and my dad. Seeing all those photos unleashed so many memories that I’d nearly forgotten, and just made me realize how much has happened.
How busy life is. How packed it is.
How every second, every minute, every hour, every day something new is happening.
And yet, I’ve found some sort of peace in the midst of all that.
That chaos is peaceful, because it’s life.
I took a yoga class at Hulbert for one of the activities, and now I’m really into that.

so au revoir 2014, and namaste 2015.

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