Wednesday, September 3, 2014

endings // beginnings

I simply cannot believe that I am starting 9th grade tomorrow!
It's kind of crazy.
I feel like this day is never really going to come... I'm never really going to go to high school, am I?
Well, I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

I've gotten back into my normal life routine back here in reality–in Brooklyn–during the last few days. I've seen my friends, gone shopping, set up my desk, gone to the coop, walked around the streets of my neighborhood. And although I've had an amazing summer and really traveled all over the world, it's nice to come back here, and know that this is my home. Sleeping in my own bed, eating with my own forks and knives, walking around the streets I know so well... I feel comfortable. Traveling is so eye-opening and fun but there's just something about home that's so special.

I honestly don't even know what to expect this year. New friends, new school, new commute, new system, new rhythm: yes, I'm nervous. But I know that I'm happy about the choice I made to go to Bard; I'm happy about where I'm going, I just, I just– I just don't even know. I really hope I have a really good group of kids in my grade, because honestly, that really makes a school in a big sense. The kids; friends, classmates, teammates. I hope they're nice, open, generous, smart, creative, interesting, passionate. And I hope I find some great friends.

Today at dinner, my mom asked my brother and I what our goals were for this year. So we sat down and she wrote what we said on her yellow pad- so now we have our goals, hopes, expectations, wishes on paper, which is always really special to do because it makes things feel official.

So lets see what you have to offer high school. I'm ready, but I hope you treat me well.

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