Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One can glide... gently roll with the shape of the hill... cruise along, breath in the cool, fresh mountain air... embrace the movement... go.
Or one can can move as if acting out dramatic music... back and forth... jerking everywhere.... down, down, down... fast... gaining speed, like a bullet... shooting down.
I've just come back from my very first ski trip! I, for one, as a beginner, chose option #1. Gliding. Enjoying the sport in a smooth, soft, gentle way. My audacious skier-friend invited me on this adventure- one I gobbled up and enjoyed very much. For them, skiing is an action movie: fearlessness abounds. 
Although I am quite audacious, I am most certainly not there yet! After two days of lessons, however, I feel confident in myself with these new tools on my feet. It's all about balance, and feeling comfortable in your movement; rolling along with the flow of whatever level run one may chose. Being able to bend your knees, eating up the delicious adventure in front of you by feeling comfortable with yourself. And mindset. Fear must be pushed away, or it will lead you into places that, with a strong mental approach, you would have been able to avoid.
With that cheeky smile, I will be -I am- ready to face the world.

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