Friday, October 26, 2012

I believe in the piano. In the way it makes music- beautiful, living music.
I believe the piano is a tool to express yourself, whether the emotions come out in a glorious or melancholy way.
Through the piano I have learned that sometimes, you have to accept criticism. People are only trying to help you when they comment on what could be better. I have resisted playing piano many times, and in the future I probably still will, but I have learned that the piano is a wonderful instrument and is worth playing.
And it's not just that. I believe that the piano is an excellent model of the real world. While I'm using typical words here, the piano IS happy, delighted, angry, and sad all at the same time. That is the beauty of it.
In the world there will always be people who are strong, and want to push society forward with new thinking and new ideas: those are the sharps. There are always the people who will be calm, laid back; the flats.
And then, there will be the notes in between. 
All of us together, us who make up the keyboard, make the music. Some may be stronger, some may be weaker, but in unison we are powerful.

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