Monday, August 6, 2012

Last night, my family watched the Olympics. We aren't able to do that at home, so it was really exciting.
I love the Olympics. It's dramatic, thrilling, and fun to watch.
Yesterday, we were watching track and field. It goes by very fast, and the people running beat each other by just a tenth of second! It's so close.
But sometimes I feel for the contestants. They look so pressured, and I wouldn't want to feel that way.
It might be fun to be in the Olympics, but it's probably much harder than it seems. So I guess I'll just keep watching them instead!

Usain Bolt won the mens' 100m run, and Ryan Baily, from AMERICA :), won second! Also, after China, the USA has the second most gold medals in all of the Olympic sports. That's pretty good!
Here is a picture:

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