Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sometimes, all we want is some comfort; some comforting, supportive words told to us. Just to soothe our minds. There are some people that are naturally skilled at that. 

But unfortunately, comfort is not always provided in the world.

I want to do something big. I need to do something big. And I need to, I will, do it today.

I'm going to try: really going to try. To become skilled in one of my interests, and to make something out of it. I'm going to comfort myself when I need to be supported, and I'm going to make it out there. 

The trouble, for everyone, is putting their finger on what it is they want. Life is going to flourish through my fingers, run through me like I am the champion of the world: I am strong, I will be strong, I am going to become so intimate with the world that I'm going to burst; overflowing with compassion, joy, pleasure. I am going to use everything in this world to make it. I will not only use the pen but the pencil and the keyboard too; not only the paper but the computer; not just my friend, but my friends.

After all, I am a philosipher already; my love of wisdom is unstopable.

Ludicrously ridiculous.

Deliciously entertaining.

Fabulously cherishable.

Emphatically encouraging.

Ripely energetic.

Engagingly fascinating.

I will seek to recognize, to understand the world. I've got to see what it really is before I start the thoughts of a personal utopia.

I will be a magnet, sticking to my interests, hopes, and inovations.

Give up?

What the ***?

Are they kidding me?

No way.

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