Saturday, January 14, 2012

Here is a part of the Crack. I am almost done, but this part is almost a story in itself...

As I bit in to my prosciutto and swiss cheese sandwich, I started to imagine Lee Cot and how he was a mystic cowboy, and how he really could leave his body and move onto different dimensions of time. Lee Cot was really my desire to exceed the body, to go beyond it and through it: he was my space-time continuum. While I thought about this, my mouth was full of pure deliciousness and yuminess as I took the most mouth-watering bight of my classic sandwich. It is a simple fact of life that while extravagant is always preferred, simple things can be just as rich and contentful, just like my meat and cheese sandwich.

I was tasting that very bight in my mouth, that only my toung could taste, and yet my mind, which is in this very body, was contemplating about my character, and yet my mouth was urging to take another bight. And what struck me was that all of this was happening at once. Am I in two places right now because this is happening all at once? Or is it all one? Can I actually affect a faraway space with my thought? Or can only Lee cot, my very own telekinetic cowboy, do that?

And there, during that bight, between the black bread in my mouth and the thoughts in my mind, in this reflection of Lee Cot, it was; all the arguments about art, science, technology, math, of progress: all the dialectics of life in the character of Lee Cot. And so I thought; black and white, big and small, soft and hard, high and low, rationality and intuition were all false dichotomies. There was no body separate from spirit. It was just body-spirit. All the things that had been separated out for us to understand things, all this separating was false. It is what you make of it, not of what the average everyday person thinks, because there is no average everyday person, because every average everyday person is there own self, and no two self’s are the same. And Lee Cot would be my fictional construction that allowed me to go beyond rational thinking, to be both in the body and in the waves of time itself.

And the treasure that he would discover would be the understanding of this.

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