Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hearing; listening; speaking: that is learning. From reading, picking up conversations, conversing and talking with people, that is how idea's spark and begin to evolve.
Yesterday, I went to TEDyouth. Have you ever heard a TED talk, or watched one online? Well, they made a program for kids, and I had to enter an application and I got accepted.
Tons of kids, from all around New York, attended. It was all about getting kids feedback and what kids think, and we got to listen to some adults speak on a topic they focus on. For example, there was a mathematician trying to teach us that you can use math and numbers to figure out life equations, like do I need to study for a test or can I goof off? It was really funny.
Another person just gave a talk through questions, all of his questions about life and himself, and questions that were unanswered. Asking questions that don't have definite answers let you explore the endless posibillities of "answers", and what "can" and "can't" be. And he showed that through various animations and cartoons.
Anyway, my point is that listening to other people's ideas and building off of them is really fun, and is a way to learn: what other way is there to discover than to do?

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